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Crystal Beach Charters is resuming regular fishing reports this fall. My good friend and associate, Captain Steve Brown, is now part of Crystal Beach Charters and is running Charters from Bolivar, Crystal Beach, Galveston, Texas City, and West Bay. He has over 20+ years experience on the Galveston Bay systems and is a full time fully insured captain and weigh master. You don't have to fight the ferry traffic to fish any more! We pick up for Charters at several locations and also Crystal Beach. Captain Steve Brown, 713-724-9939,

Fishing Report, September 12, 2017

As we try to recover from floods and winds that I believe we were all affected by in one way or another. Lets take a minute away from the damage and worries and think about fishing in Galveston Bays for a minute. You would be correct in saying that the bays took on a lot of fresh water and that the bays are looking like a mud hole. But as fast as the water rose it subsided to a normal flow in a matter of a week. With the push of north winds we have had this week will help in pushing the fresh water out and allowing the saltwater exchange into the bays. Will they be back to normal in a week? Probably not. But will they be producing fish? Yes they will, and are already doing so with some reports of redfish and a few trout being caught.

With the passing of each cool or cold front the water temperature will fall to a level that will start the Fall flounder run. I believe that there will be plenty of flounder caught in the bays and passes. The normal areas of large water outflow as always will still produce good boxes of flounder. The drains and bayous may not produce the boxes as we have seen in the past but don't allow this influx of fresh water scare you from planning your flounder fishing as in the past. The flounder are similar to the redfish and are capable of either living or tolerating low salinity levels to survive in.

As far as speckled trout and redfish, I believe it may still take a couple weeks for things to really start turning around. Consider fishing a little deeper until the fresh water leaves the bay and salinity levels get back to normal. The bait that is not pushed out will be buried in the mud where the salinity level will be a little higher.

Capt.Stephen Brown
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 Captain Bryan Brawner 409-256-1265,

For exact fishing locations and techniques, I am conducting one-on-one classes of the Galveston East Bay System. We will spend a half-day trip exploring that bay and the techniques and timing of fishing there. Bring your hand-held GPS and a map and note pad and I will further your knowledge of the bay and patterns for fishing in all of the seasons of the year. These classes include everything from locations to tackle and lure selection; thus have a lot of content. So, I limit them to 2 persons max at a time. Call 409-256-1265 for more information. Classes start at 500.00 and are conducted in my boat on the water at the actual locations. We cover a lot of area and burn a lot of gas.

Call 409-256-1265 for availability of trips and to reserve your fishing adventure. Check my website for prices and more information. You can also e-mail me for updated fishing conditions and trip availability.

Captain Bryan Brawner fishing report
Captain Bryan Brawner 409-256-1265,
Captain Bryan Brawner 409-256-1265,
Captain Bryan Brawner 409-256-1265,
Captain Bryan Brawner 409-256-1265,
Captain Bryan Brawner 409-256-1265,
Captain Bryan Brawner 409-256-1265,

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